We are proudly producing high quality machines for shredding almost every material.
All of our machines are made in Poland by Poles.



Shredders for the production of substitute fuels RDF and SRF.

We offer single machines or entire systems for the production of substitute fuels. In our program you will find pre-shredders, screens, pre-shredders, low-speed final shredders and high-speed granulators.
The offer is enriched by peripheries in the form of magnetic, eddy-current ballistic and air separators.
Materials grinded by RECONA machines: plastics, paper, foil, wood, rubber, cardboard, textiles and much more.
Inter sonic and Interceptor series devices can also be adapted to work on extremely demanding materials, such as metals. Thanks to our machines, the production of RDF and SRF fuels from waste is easy and economical.


Shredders for plastic recycling 

A series of machines designed for grinding plastics for material recycling. Low-speed, economical shredders, in which we used many innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and economy of work. The smallest machines reach productivity at the level of 200 kg / h, the largest: up to 20

tons / h.








Wood shredders The machines of this series have been designed for economical grinding of wood waste for energy

purposes. Simple, compact design, solutions minimizing operating costs and maximizing efficiency have allowed us to create some of the best shredders available on the market.




Shredders, hammer mills and scrap crushers. Shredding is an important process in the recycling of scrap metal. We offer shredders for light steel scrap, aluminum, copper and small shredders for heavier applications: shredding of castings or massive profiles. All machines are offered in stationary and mobile versions.






Screeners –Screening devices, both stationary and mobile, are one of the basic machines in waste management. They allow to separate different waste fractions from each other, increasing their purity and increasing the efficiency of the whole line. In our offer you can find drum screens (mobile screens), cascade, disc and star, both with electric and petrol drive.